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Album: Embrued (2007)

Song: Embrued

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Raging lyrics, engaging riffs, resonant bass and pounding drums can be heard tearing off the rooftops of Phoenix's local scene when Vistalance hits the stage. Since Vistalance got together in 2001, Vince Oleson, Brandon Kruszeniak, and Nick Ramirez have come armed with the ability to rock and the ideals to change the world one person at a time. Vistalance's passion, energy and message strike a chord with their audience that leaves fans transfixed and yearning for more. Left heartbroken when their van, equipment and, consequently their lives, were stolen in 2004, Vistalance coordinated a benefit show that earned their equipment back and flung them into the attention of the music scene. Their powerful first EP Embrued is under their belts, and with these NEW recordings they will show the music world what this Phoenix rock band has to offer.